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If you time traveled back to the present then the future would be the present, or at least the future self would be the present but now the future self is the present self and drat The present is now!

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Read a book where a character is a ghost 3 Gold 3. Read a book where a character's first name starts with the letter J 3 Gold. When the attractive Waldo van de Graaf rescued Olympia from a life of comparative drudgery and offered to marry her, it was to be a match of convenience. Olympia wanted to escape from her domineering aunt and Waldo needed someone to run his home and When Loveday heard that her friend Rimada had a stern guardian who objected to her wedding plans, it seemed only natural to sympathize and offer practical help in getting round the problem.

But Loveday was to find that Adam was harder to organize When Arabella was involved in a road crash in Holland, it seemed providential that the first person to arrive on the scene should be Doctor Gideon van der Vorst. But as she came more and more involved with the doctor, she began to wonder if provid Sister Charity Dawson loved her job but there was one problem.

Like the other humble members of St. Simon's nursing staff, she had to put up with the arrogant Dr. Everard van Tijlen. When Charity apparently discovered that the distinguished doctor's Serena had given up her job and gone to Holland in order -- as she thought -- to marry Laurens van Amstel who had proposed to her after a whirl-wind romance. So it was mortifying, to say the least, that soon after she arrived she began to realize Samantha sympathized with the problems of the elderly Dutch woman who was admitted to the hospital where she worked.

But she didn't realize that her encounter with Juffrouw Boot's employer, the striking Giles ter Ossel, would bring her so much hea When distinguished surgeon Gerard van Doorninck asked Staff Nurse Deborah Culpepper to marry him, his reasons were practical, not romantic. As she had been secretly in love with Gerard for some time, Deborah acce Mary Jane might have inherited a house and a comfortable income, but after all, she was twenty-two, a competent staff nurse, and she certainly had no need for a guardian - especially the high-handed Fabian van der Blocq.

But what could she do abo Phoebe Brook hadn't planned to take a nursing job in Holland, still less under false pretenses. But when her sister Sybil decided to get married instead of going to work for Dr. Lucius van Someren, Sybil persuaded Phoebe to take her place. With L He needed her as a nurse, not a woman Benedict van Manfeld was one of the surliest, most unfriendly men Cassandra had ever met. But when she learned he was a brilliant Dutch surgeon who had severely damaged his sight in an accident, her attitude c Abigail was a true 'Saturday's child'; she worked very hard for her living.

Betty Neels

And it looked as if she could expect to go on earning her own living, for no one seemed to be in any great hurry to marry her -- least of all Dominic van Wijkelen, who admir For her own sake she had to back off It hadn't taken Julia long to fall in love with Ivo van den Werff -- but she had better fall out of love equally quickly, she decided, when she met Marcia Jason and realized just how much stronger a claim the o Victoria was a pretty girl - unless her three far prettier sisters were around as competition.

And Alexander van Schuylen was clearly as impressed by her sister's beauty as any other man would be. So Victoria had better not take his attentions Emma Hastings knew that she was an excellent Theatre Sister, and as such was admired and appreciated by the devastating Dutch surgeon Justin Teylingen. But liking and appreciation are not love, and there were' plenty of girls around with far more to When her romance with Andrew went wrong, Sappha had jumped at the chance of a job in Scotland to make a complete break.

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  7. The change of background, not to mention the "Demon King", in the person of the Dutch doctor, Rolf van Duyren, soon began to ta Wherever Augusta went, there he was: inviting her out, paying her compliments, sending her enormous bouquets of tulips, even kissing her on occasion. Augusta had Sarah had worked with Hugo van Elven for a long time, and she was astounded when he suddenly proposed to her. Sarah Dunn and Hugo van Elven were married for the wrong reasons. Even if it was just a marriage of convenience. They were both recove Nurse Georgina Rodman had met Professor Julius van den Berg Eyffert and his children when they were brought as casualties into her hospital, and the Professor arranged with Matron to have her "on loan" for a time to help with their convalescence.

    It was when Nurse Harriet's Dutch friend Sieske invited Harriet home that Harriet caught up with a dream from her past - the man she had always imagined herself marrying. But alas, she was not the only girl to have this dream where this particular ma Sophy's relationship with the attractive Duth surgeon Maximillan Oosterwelde was of the blow-hot-blow-cold variety-but one thing was certain: in her heart, Sophy did not want any "blow cold" at all!

    Who was the bride to be? Sister Maggy MacFergus was tall, and she discovered that most men found this off-putting. Paul Doelsma offered Maggy a nursing job in Holland, she took it. There was something special about Dr.

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    Doelsma, and it was Sister Peters was delighted to be chosen, under the new exchange scheme, as the British representative to work in an Amsterdam hospital. It proved to be an interesting new life in more ways than one, and she found that emotional problems could be ju We use cookies to ensure the best user experience at FictionDB. By continuing to browse our site you are agreeing to our use of cookies per our User Agreement. Book List: titles.

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    Emma's Wedding. An Ordinary Girl. An Independent Woman. Dearest Eulalia. Always and Forever.