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The researchers focused on this new concept and tried to study each aspect of the process by finding factors that affect value creation, understanding reasons and motivations that push customers to participate in the co-creation process and exploring how they do it, studying their perceptions and collecting their thoughts about their collaboration with the producer and their involvement in the value generating process.

Also, the outcomes and aftereffects of the process are still unknown and undefined. As a result, the study of consumer co-creative behavior in the tourism context is now considered as a major priority in marketing research Dekhili and Hallem, ; Grisseman and Stokburger-Sauer, ; Shaw et al. Hence it is the utility of our research.

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Based on the definition of Prahalad and Ramaswamy , co-creation is a management initiative, or a form of economic or business strategy focusing specially on customer experience and interactive relationships as it brings different parties together, such as a company and a group of customers, in order to jointly produce a mutually valued outcome and create at the end a value rich experience. It allows and encourages a more active participation of the customer to create a richer experience value. Personalization and user participation are next central elements of the experience Boswijk et al.

The emergence of the logic of value co-creation implies taking into account the expertise and customer knowledge, which are or may be a source of value and competitiveness of the business Prahalad and Ramaswamy, ; Vargo and Lusch, ; Von Hippel, In fact, the involvement of customers in the co-creation process is an important strategy for companies competing to meet the personalized demands and obtain competitive advantages Prahalad and Ramaswamy, , Through the co-creation of value, companies aim to develop products and services tailored to the market and to link interactive and engaging relationship with its customers.

Companies seek also the achievement of objectives in terms of innovation, customer participation in the value production process and his collaboration with the company. It will ensure the personalization of its offer and its adaptation to the needs and expectations of customers. In the logic of co-creation of tourism value, tourism companies must consider tourists as participants in the creation of the product and the tourist experience and not as mere spectators Jager, Thus, co-created value is linked to the individual experience resulting from his interaction with the company Holbrook, Indeed, the tourist experience occurs when tourist consumption and production meet Andersson, Therefore, experiences designed for and by tourists are social constructions stemming from a continuous process of learning and creative collaboration between the various tourism stakeholders.

They are based on the relational without omitting the important place of emotion in tourism because as Lashley defines it, tourist experience is emotionally engaging which leads to memorability. In fact, experiences are memorable Pine and Gilmore, and must be an extraordinary, unforgettable and memorable moment lived by the consumer during his meeting with his supplier Bouchet, The tourist experience has then a personal character Larsen, Therefore, experience in tourism can be either considered as a true story, personal and unique or designed and transformed into the community.

At last, Walls et al. Accordingly, the co-creation of the tourist experience has its full extent because it can be transmitted by tourists and shared in their community. On the one hand, tourism companies are now able to provide compelling and memorable experiences to tourists due to their involvement and contribution to the process.

It represents a strong competitive advantage to distinguish the company in a competitive market but also the difference that makes the tourists choose a specific tourism company. On the other hand, the co-creation allows tourists to do things rather than just undergo the experience designed by tourism producers and also engage themselves in activities for self-development, explore multisensory environments, and connect to other people as they are directly involved in creating and choreographing their activities from moment to moment Campos et al.

Today, due to the emergence of Internet, exchange platforms as social networks and 2. Therefore, companies can no longer launch on the market products or services without taking advantage of customer experiences that represent the sum of the interactions the customer has with the company throughout the whole life of product or service and involve these experiences upstream throughout the design process.


Thus, the value co-creation with customers is a dynamic, creative and social-based collaboration between companies and customers who are totally committed and take part in the development of new products and services. Thus, Binkhorst considers that Internet, IDTV and mobile communication devices are the three most significant online platforms for the near future. He argues also that these technological developments will make meaningful dialogues possible with each tourist and will provide an experiential environment where innovations in tourism can be based on the co-creation experience.

Thereby, the interaction and the close collaboration between tourists and tourist producers will secure the delivery of unique value to tourists so as they will never have the same tourist experience Cova et al. It is because they will take advantage of past experiences to improve future ones, use the Internet to search information and have a direct contact with the various on-site service providers in order to customize their travel experience and live it fully.

How to Deal with 21st Century American Women

Tourists will feel so independent and responsible for the production of the experience they want to live, and co-creators of value they will get from the tourism producers offerings Prahalad and Ramaswamy, We will explain in the next two paragraphs how the Internet can be used to co-create value during the three stages of the tourist experience. Indeed, thanks to this tool, the tourists are connected with the rest of the world and they are currently facing a glut of information to plan their travel activities Watson et al. At the last step relative to the memory, tourists share their opinion on the destination, exchange and describe their stories and experiences to others potential visitors, other tourists but also family members, colleagues, friends, and so on and may even recommend or not the destination.

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  • Therefore, in the logic of co-creation, tourism companies will seek knowledge and past experiences of visitors in order to co-create value to tourists. Thus, during the planning phase, tourism companies and customers work together upstream to co-design idea and trip or to co-develop the tourism activity Payne et al. Tourists do not want more preconceived travel but they want instead to participate closely with suppliers in the definition of their journey, and it goes through the opening of a dialogue and sharing of knowledge between the two actors provider and tourist Prahalad and Ramaswamy, During the second phase associated with travel, the tourist co-creates activities, services and leisure linked to tourism with local service providers to ultimately enjoy unique and memorable experiences.

    The tourist will use the Internet to access information in order to modify the service. He can also produce part or the entire tourist offer. Through the Internet, tourists co-create their most authentic tourism experiences. The final step relates to the extension of the tourist experience and shares it with potential visitors through new information and communication technologies, including the Internet, which proves to be an effective tool for promoting the destination.

    Otherwise, we found a contrast in the literature among researchers about satisfaction.


    Prebensen and al. Indeed, tourists value the whole tourist experience at the end of the trip after they have contributed to the co-creation process and they have lived the experience Vargo and Lusch, The approach used to address our research problem is a concept test to explore the idea of this new practice of the trip co-creation via Internet and to test the potential of its acceptance by tourists.

    The main advantage of this test is to assess the interest of tourists and especially understand the reasons for this interest or disinterest. If the concept really interests clients, tourism producers like travel agencies will be motivated to integrate and invest in this strategy. Where men once drove the car for dates, women demand equality in the work, family and social realm.

    Business Leadership in the 21st Century

    Men need to slide over and share the driving with women. This enormous emotional, social and sexual shift in the Western world creates a new male-female relationship dynamic.

    This shift proves the first of its kind in human history. The new dynamic also creates incredible confusion, frustration and exasperation.

    How far have women’s rights advanced in a century?

    Along the way, women want men to be men. They want a good man to marry and raise a family. But early in the 21st century, half of all marriages end in divorce. Male domestic violence continues at distressing levels. Weekend fathers explode on the emotional landscape. Children suffer the loss of structure, a balanced family unit and a sense of belonging.

    This book enlightens, educates and encourages men to maintain their masculinity while adapting and thriving in the new male-female paradigm of the 21st century. The book presents straight-forward ideas to men on how to deal with a 21st century American woman.

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    This book shows men how to successfully marry the right woman for long-term success. It shows which women to avoid. The book creates new understandings to move men forward in relationships in the 21st century. Additional Product Features Copyright Date.