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Part Two of the Cave Trilogy. This epic, true story spans the American continent as the lives of the powerful Croghans of Locust Grove are inextricably linked to.
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Like all good stories in this genre — like N. It has many pioneers and legendary heroes, including just for starters such authors as Ursula K. Delany and Octavia E. Neil Gaiman and George R.

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She burst on the epic fantasy scene with her earlier Inheritance trilogy completed in and has pretty well conquered it with the Broken Earth. Neither of them, I can assure you, is a flaxen-haired princess type or a believer in universal harmony and peaceful coexistence. When a ceremony invoking the weather spirits is held to sanction Ayla's hunting, especially strong protection was required for the men, both to guard against the presence of a female at the ceremony and because the ancient spirits were feared as much as they were honored in the days when they were worshiped.

Ayla's subsequent accidental observation of one of the highest ceremonies at the Clan Gathering is interpreted by Creb to foretell doom for the entire Clan of the Cave Bear, as those ceremonies have meaning for all the clans of the Clan, even those not present at the Gathering. All Clan members are assigned a totem at birth, and boys are marked with that totem's ritual tattoo as part of the ceremony that marks their passage from child to man following their first major hunting kill.

Philosophical Influences

People are also believed to possess personality traits similar to those of their totem spirit; Broud, quick-tempered, stubborn and unpredictable like a woolly rhinoceros his totem spirit is a prime example. Totems are also responsible for pregnancy; a woman's moon time is believed to be her totem fighting off the presences of marauding male totems; for this reason, women's totems are almost invariably weaker than those of men and women may not associate with men during menstruation. Should the male totem prove stronger, the woman will become pregnant. If the totem is not strong enough by itself, it may ask for the help of one or more other totems, in which case it may be one of the other totems that leaves behind an impregnating essence.

It is considered especially lucky for a boy to have the same totem as the mate of his mother.

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Totems are assigned by Mog-ur s, men whose talent is understanding the world of spirits. Each individual Clan has its own Mog-ur , but one - the one in the clan which Ayla joins - is traditionally recognized as being first among them. The Clan also believe that, if someone survives a cave bear attack, it means that person is now under the protection of Ursus and may claim the Cave Bear as their totem, in addition to the totem they were assigned in early childhood.

Unlike other Clan totems, there is no specific mark for the Cave Bear and the Cave Bear is believed not to play a role in the conception, although it may be called on to help subdue a woman's unusually strong totem. In "Clan of the Cave Bear", two people, Creb and a man injured by a cave bear at a Clan Gathering, are described as being "chosen" in this way. The Great Earth Mother goes by many names, depending on the language, but is worshipped unconditionally as the source of all bounty, and carved depictions of her proliferate.

Faith and guidance are administered by spiritual leaders of both sexes, with different names depending on the language. Among most of the peoples described, Those Who Serve abandon their personal names in favor of the name of their people and god. The Mamutoi are the only depicted exception so far: only the Mamut of the Lion Camp, who is first amongst his priesthood due to his age and spiritual power, no longer uses any name but Mamut—mostly because no one remembers his original name!

To avoid confusion, among the Zelandonii they generally take appendices after their cave e.

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Whether accurately or not, Auel has incorporated sex into her prehistoric culture in a number of unique ways. While neither Clan nor Other society requires monogamy , a major difference is that in the former, sex can be treated as a purely physical need, whereas in the latter, it is always imbued with something of the sacred. For the Others, nothing is more abhorrent than the idea of sex without consent, and sexual rituals form a significant part of their culture.

Among the Clan, there exists a hand sign that only men can make and only women can receive, instructing the female in question to present for sexual intercourse. Any man of the Clan a male who has made his first hunting kill may give this instruction to any woman of the Clan a female who has passed menarche , should he feel the need to "relieve his needs," regardless of marital status. The female's state of arousal is never addressed directly, but since Clan women are able to flirt with men using seductive and inviting body language, enjoyment of the act is not unknown.

The Red Abalone Shell

Because the Clan believes babies are created by the Totems and have no concept of any connection between copulation and conception, lines of descent are matrilineal , but any children a man's mate bears are considered his heirs especially in regards to the son of the leader's mate becoming the future leader , and he is expected to provide for her family and train her sons to hunt.

Who is mated to whom is decided solely by the men, though wise leaders do of course take the prospective bride's feelings into account; the few Clans depicted average less than fifty members, and even one discordant pairing can cause trouble. Sexual maturity is the subject of semi-religious customs among the Others, both of which take place at Summer Meetings. Every year, women volunteer to become sexual tutors to boys who have reached maturity; the name of their office changes from culture to culture, but they are generally furnished with some distinguishing marking, often the Mother's sacred color red red dye on the soles of the feet for the Mamutoi; a red fringe among the Zelandonii.

These women are often pregnant by the end of the summer, which is believed to be the Great Earth Mother smiling upon their piety. Young women who have reached menarche, on the other hand, are the subject of a far more formal ceremony called First Rites, in which she is ritually deflowered by a man often specially chosen by her friends and family.

Both these relationships are meant to be solely physical, and social contact between the involved parties is frowned upon for at least a year afterwards. Finally, during "Mother Festivals" which take place at various times of the year, men and women are free to copulate with whomever they choose. Once again, these polygamous practices blur the lines of heredity, and descent is generally traced only through one's mother. However, certain familial resemblances have been noticed for instance, Jondalar looks almost identical to Dalanar, his mother's spouse at the time of Jondalar's conception , which has led to the belief that the Great Earth Mother chooses the "spirit" or "essence" of a nearby man to impregnate the woman with.

Ayla's more accurate belief that children are the result of sexual activity is treated with skepticism among the Others: their women are seldom celibate, which makes the connection between sex and pregnancy harder to isolate. Homosexual relationships are portrayed as acceptable, if rare.

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The Zelandonii religious order features at least one homosexual male with a male partner. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. For other uses, see Children of the earth. Main article: The Clan of the Cave Bear. Main article: The Valley of Horses. Main article: The Mammoth Hunters. Main article: The Plains of Passage. Main article: The Shelters of Stone. Main article: The Land of Painted Caves.

Retrieved November 23, Goodreads Inc. A Boy Named Trout is a story about inter-generational patterns of addiction and abuse, and the power of familial bonds to save us and destroy us. Ultimately an uplifting message of strength and love, A Boy Named Trout is an important story for anyone touched by alcoholism, drug addiction, abuse, poverty, and cataclysmic social movements. I Am Terezin is a memoir unlike any other, written as a gripping narrative in the voice of the concentration camp itself. Situated in Czechoslovakia, Theresienstadt, or Terezin, as the locals called it, was touted by the Germans as a model city where Jews could live their lives in tranquility.


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